Summer 2019

Yammer's Long Division album is now available as a high-quality download at Bandcamp.

Spring 2019

The Moles' Worm Pizza (Re-heated) has been made available to download from Bandcamp.

Autumn 2014

Cloudburst's Storm in a Teacup cassette album and Paddy's Wigwam's The Rabbit and the Dog cassette demo are now available online.

Winter 2011

Back to the Grind's Light From a Distant Beacon cassette album is now available online.

Summer 2011

Yammer's Long Division CD is now available for you to listen online.

Spring 2007

Yammer has gone into storage—well, at least all the gear has. I'd been working on new material for a while, and I felt that it wasn't going well, so work has been shelved indefinitely.

I'd hoped to form local links with like-minded musicians, but I couldn't find any!

Summer 2004

GarageBand New track Cop receives an enthusiastic response on, and Drone is awarded Track of the Day.

Spring 2004

Long Division Almost three years in the making, I am proud to present Long Division: thirteen tracks of chaotic music™ from the Yammer repertoire, compiled onto one shiny compact disc. The CD is actually a compilation of three EPs recorded between 2001 and 2003, together with a couple of tracks I contributed to a Moles project.

[more about Long Division]

Spring 2001

After a 15-year hiatus, I have returned to making music. My last attempt was playing guitar in a 3-piece band in Liverpool in 1986.

I've ditched instruments almost altogether, in favour of a computer and a bunch of samples. The music I have been producing is an eclectic mix of genres and sounds, which some might find hard to stomach, but what's new? I think you'll still recognise my 'sound'!

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