Recordings by Yammer

A Bit Chaotic, But Interesting EP (2002)

A Bit Chaotic But InterestingThe EP took its title from a vaguely complimentary review

Spurred on by an encouraging response to Yammer debut Digital, Keith continued his work in a similar musical vein as before, mixing sampled instruments and different musical genres.

Three tracks were completed by the following Spring and were compiled in a new EP … a bit chaotic, but interesting (a vaguely flattering phrase used to describe Digital by a British music magazine).

Best compared to Digital as ‘the same, only different’, it represents three completely different approaches to music: church-organ-based techno, futuristic space-jazz and mock-orchestral whimsy.

Track Listing

  1. Organ Grinder
  2. Drone
  3. Christmas Time

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