Recordings by Yammer

Ever Decreasing Circles E.P. (2003)

Ever Decreasing Circles The final Yammer EP, made from mixing up left-overs.

Despite vowing to try something different, a disturbing amount of work remained unfinished. So Keith utilised all the unused bits of music, and created something new.

Ever Decreasing Circles would finally mark the start of a new musical phase, and clear the compositional decks in the process.

It seemed appropriate to name the new tunes after regional cuisine which incorporates ‘left-overs’, and to name the EP after a the musical experience which lead to its creation.

Track Listing

  1. Salmagundi (with Jess Nuttall)
  2. Gallimaufry (with Kevin Hickey)
  3. Bubble and Squeak (with Ulrich Bomnüter and Bex Nuttall)
  4. Slumgullion (with Kevin Hickey)

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