Yammer History


Keith Live

Keith Nuttall is from the North West of England, and was in several bands in the eighties: Cloudburst, Albino Dinnerjacket and Back to the Grind in Blackburn; Paddy's Wigwam, The Temple City Moose Club and First Night With the Indians in Liverpool.

Although he enjoyed playing in a band, what most interested him was the recording process, and the manipulation of sound.

MP3 Stranded on the Moon (1983)

He had gone through phases of playing with tape recorders and electronic kits, as well as finding unconventional uses for traditional instruments. He had written tunes, and experimented with soundscapes. He became bored, and took a long break.

For many years, he felt nostalgic about what might have been, but eventually resigned himself to being a listener, rather than a performer.

Going Digital

He often thought about how he adored the complex charismatic sounds of traditional and ethnic instruments. Synthesisers and guitars are good fun, and you could do a lot with them (with a bit of imagination), but imagine if you could also have any musical instrument and talented musicians, assembled in your own recording studio.

Then he read a magazine which said that, with current technology, we can reproduce the sounds of any instrument with unbelievable authenticity. Not only that, but many instruments could be recorded together, and the whole thing could be engineered using a variety of production effects. This was enough to get him back into the saddle.

Yammer was born. Over a 2-year period, he patiently constructed the Long Division album. In that time, he only once picked up his old guitar.

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