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Worm Pizza (2003)

Worm PizzaThe reissue depicts the original handmade version.

In 2002, Keith formed a long-distance collaboration with good friends The Moles, Renaldo Malpractice (Renaldo and the Loaf) and Paulie Kraynak.

With only the word ‘mole’ as guidance, music was exchanged internationally by wire and by post, over a six month period. Eventually, a mini-album of musical reworkings of mole-related songs was completed.

This project was privately released in March 2003 as Worm Pizza - a present for The Residents on their 30th anniversary. Due to popular demand, it was later reissued, as Worm Pizza (Re-heated).

Track Listing

  1. Intro: Worm Pizza (Vinnie)
  2. Mole in a Hole (Renaldo)
  3. Interlude: Tasty Toppings (Vinnie)
  4. We Are the Moles (Keith)
  5. Mole in a Hole (Vinnie with Michael & Jan)
  6. Mole in a Hole (Keith with Renaldo & Vinnie)
  7. Interlude: Four Different Cheeses (Vinnie)
  8. Moles Are Coming (Krister with Rock & Vinnie)
  9. Mole in a Hole (Paulie)
  10. Mole in a Hole (Vinnie)
  11. We Are the Moles (Krister)
  12. Mole in a Hole (Vinnie with Renaldo & Keith)
  13. Interlude: Stuffed Crust (Vinnie)
  14. Mole in a Hole (Krister with Renaldo)
  15. We Are the Moles (Renaldo with Rock, Krister & Keith)


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